Mission and Goals


Improve the interoperability of healthcare systems through shared implementable clinical information models.

(A single curated collection)

Strategic Goal

  • Be able to share data, applications, reports, alerts, protocols, and decision support modules with anyone in the WORLD
  • To have “plug-n-play” interoperability


  • Shared repository of detailed clinical information models
  • One single formalism (now support of two!)
  • A common set of base data types
  • Formal bindings of the models to standard coded terminologies
  • Open Repository and models that are free for use at no cost
  • Models that support multiple contexts

Target domains

  • EHR data storage
  • Message and service payloads
  • Decision logic (queries of EHR data)
  • Clinical trials data (clinical research)
  • Quality measures
  • Normalization of data for secondary use
  • Creation of structured data entry screens
  • Capture of coding output from NLP