CIMI Modeling Taskforce

The CIMI Modeling Taskforce (MTF) was formed to determine the technical details of how CIMI models would be created.  The work of the MTF includes definitions of the base datatypes, the core CIMI reference model, terminology binding syntax, reference archetypes, and patterns for the detailed clinical models.

CIMI Modelling Taskforce Example Instances

Clinical - Forms based - Data entry to add data instances - Support clinical verification - Both good and bad examples
Technical - Multiple formats (with a primary format?) - To support implementations - Transformable to other representations - Both good and bad examples

CIMI Modelling Taskforce Progress Report

Modelling Taskforce was established to:

Develop CIMI's modelling methodology
Create an initial set of CIMI clinical models
Further test and develop CIMI technical models, including: - CIMI reference model - Archetype Object Model 1.5, and CIMI terminology.

CIMI Modelling Taskforce Report, June 2013

CIMI Modelling Approach
CIMI Modelling Foundations
CIMI Modelling Methodology
Future Work

CIMI Terminology Binding

Use Cases and Requirements
Proposed Approach
Example Lab Results Bindings
Terminology Reference Sets
Archetype Object Model Support
Future Work

CIMI Modelling Taskforce Report, April 2013

CIMI Modelling Approach
CIMI Modelling Foundations
Laboratory Results models
Demographics Models
Future Work
Terminology Binding

CIMI Modelling Taskforce Report, January 2013

Overview of modelling approach
Laboratory Results Report
Submitted models
Comparative analysis
Modelling patterns
Clinical Models
Terminology binding
Demographics Model
Future work and discussion

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