Workbench Utilities Worksheet

This is a walk-though of functionality available in the Workbench Utilities, primarily covering reference set development, review and release.

The document has been created to allow a user to walk through available functionality without any prior experience of SNOMED CT, reference sets or previous versions of the Workbench Utilities. The guide is meant to be worked through sequentially, as each example builds on previous examples; it’s not recommended to start the guide halfway through, even if a user is reasonably proficient in functionality provided by the Utilities.

A user will gain most from working through this guide while trying each example on an installation of the Workbench Utilities. However, enough screen-shots have been provided to give a flavour of the available functionality by simply reading the guide.

The Workbench Utilities can be installed in stand-alone mode using the one-page installation instructions and installation directory provided separately to this guide.


2013, Jan