Arlington / Leeds 2013

CIMI Arlington / Leeds Meeting.
Meeting date: 
Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 09:00 to Saturday, June 29, 2013 - 17:15
Wednesday June 26, 2013
Topic Lead
Welcome Accenture
Welcome and Overview Stan Huff
CIMI Business Case

Nicholas Oughtibridge

Modelling Task Force Update Linda Bird
Tooling Update  
CIMI Model DSTU and Implementation Artefacts  
Mindmap to ADL Generation  
CIMI URIs and Coded Text  
Example instances:
  • Example instance format
  • Auto-generating example instance templates for easy population
  • Transforms between instance representations in same technology
  • Transforms between instance representations in different technology

Stan Huff
Linda Bird
Michael van der Zel
Dave Carlson

Thursday June 27, 2013
Topic Lead
Terminology Binding
  • Examples and discussion
Stan Huff
Linda Bird
Harold Solbrig
  • Standardise visual representation of models (e.g., mindmap, HTML style)
  • Review of modelling patterns (e.g., Observation)
  • New modelling (Immunization)
Stan Huff
Joey Coyle
Archetype Modelling Language Dave Carlson
Harold Solbrig
IHTSDO Workbench Update Mike Lincoln
Harold Solbrig
Kaiser UML-Modelling Exercise Michael Rossman
Stan Huff
Friday June 28, 2013
Topic Lead
Web Site Development and Model Repository
  • What is site going to look like
  • How to browse through models, review models, etc.
  • Clinician-Friendly Viewing of Models – What this looks like, and how to get started ASAP
Sarah Ryan
Evert Jan Hoijtink
Model Governance Stan Huff
Structured Data Capture Update Farrah Darbouze
Plan for Moving Forward Stan Huff
Nicholas Oughtibridge
  • Review of Decisions
  • Plans for Next Meeting
Stan Huff
Virginia Riehl




Location meeting:

Presentations and documents

10 documents available. Click on title for a preview and details.

Author: Dave Carlson Document: File Archetype Modeling Language

Status Update: Archetype Modeling Language (AML)
Partially based on ISO 11179-3 MDR

Author: Henk-Jan Meijer Document: PDF icon CIMI Communication Platforms

Activity in cooperation with EU

 For the EU FP7 project COMMODITY12 we are producing a Clinical Model Repository/Catalogue Contribution by EU through Contract no 287841 Goal: to converge standardization activities and support international initiatives
Author: Linda Bird Document: File CIMI Modelling Taskforce Report

CIMI Modelling Approach
CIMI Modelling Foundations
CIMI Modelling Methodology
Future Work

Author: Michael van der Zel Document: PDF icon CIMI Reference Model UPDATE

History & Timeline
The current CIMI RM 1.0.0-dstu – Changes since apr-2013 RM Artifact Issue Tracker
Current Deliverables
XSD's for XML Example Instance
Next steps

Author: Nicholas Oughtibridge, Stan Huff Document: File CIMI Survey results

Type of organisation
What people want to do with CIMI
Top 10 deliverables
10 things least wanted
Not needed (by 5 or more people)

Author: Linda Bird Document: File CIMI Terminology Binding

Use Cases and Requirements
Proposed Approach
Example Lab Results Bindings
Terminology Reference Sets
Archetype Object Model Support
Future Work

Author: Patrick Langford Document: Office presentation icon Mindmap Converter

Caveats, Goals, Requirements, Current Tools, Documentation

Author: Farrah Darbouze Document: File Structured Data Capture

One of 10 active Initiatives under the ONC S&I Framework
Launched on January 23, 2013 in partnership with NIH NLM and AHRQ
Key area of focus is enabling the collection of structured data within EHRs to supplement data collected for other purposes specific to:

Clinical research (Patient Centered Outcomes Research/ Comparative Effectiveness Research) (NLM FOCUS) Patient safety event reporting (AHRQ FOCUS)