Atlanta 2015

CIMI Atlanta Meeting in Conjunction with HL7
Meeting date: 
Saturday, October 3, 2015 - 09:00 to Sunday, October 4, 2015 - 17:00

CIMI Atlanta Meeting in Conjunction with HL7

October 3 - 4, 2015


  • Concept Creation Tool - No slides presented
  • Model Repository - Deferred
  • FHIR/CIMI Collaboration - Deferred


Saturday October 3, 2015
Topic Lead Start
Welcome and Meeting Overview Stan Huff  
CIMI Overview and Update Stan Huff Slides
Update on SNOMED Modeling Activities
  • Model Meaning Binding for FHIR Resources
  • SNOMED CT-Based ValueSet Bindings for FHIR Resources
Linda Bird Slides
Review of Preferred Modelling Approach
  • CIMI Reference Model Review
  • Laboratory Test Results
  • Clinical Conditions/Situations
    • Preferred Approach for Negation
    • Should Check on HL7 Negation Task Force

Slides A

Slides B

Slides C

Logical Model Collaboration   Slides
Sunday October 4, 2015
Topic Lead Start
  • Summary of Final Specification
  • Review of Some Examples
  • AML Authoring Tool
Harold Solbrig Slide
Concept Creation Tool
  • Report
  • Namespace Management
Patrick Langford  
Model Repository
  • Loading of Additional Models
  • Plans for Creating a Model Repository and a Model Preference Table
FHIR/CIMI Collaboration
  • Definition of structure of “Grahame Dictionaries”
  • Generation of dictionary content from CIMI models
CIMI as an HL7 Working Group
  • Future of the CIMI Executive Committee
  • MTF – Continue as a “by invitation” task force or open for all to attend?
  • Process for voting on which models are “CIMI preferred models” within isosemantic families
  • Meetings beyond HL7 Working Group meetings?
Next Steps Stan Huff  

Location meeting:

Presentations and documents

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Author: Harold Solbrig Document: PDF icon OMG Archetype Modeling Language

Outline - Constraint modeling and UML profiles, The AML Standard - what it is (and isn’t), AML Examples, AML Tools

Author: Document: File App Development Tool

Review of Preferred Modelling Approach

Author: Linda Bird Document: File IHTSDO_LBI(CIMI_20151003).pptx

Model Meaning Binding for FHIR Resources
SNOMED CT-Based ValueSet Bindings for FHIR Resources

Author: Document: File Logical Model Collaboration

Scope, proposal, and next steps

Author: Stan Huff, Tom Oniki Document: File Model Development and Review

CIMI / FHIR / HSPC Meeting

Author: Document: File Modeling Options, HSPC Meeting

Clinical Information Modeling Initiative (CIMI)
Healthcare Services Platform Consortium (HSPC)