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Definition of “Logical Model”

  • Models show the structural relationship of the model elements (containment)
  • Coded elements have explicit binding to allowed coded values
  • Models are independent of a specific programming language or type of database
  • Support explicit, unambiguous query statements against data instances

CIMI Model Development Lifecycle

Consistent and correct models require the use of a Model Development Lifecycle methodology.  The following outlines a high level view of the repository and model lifecycle.

The CIMI Model Repository will initially be loaded with a set of readily availble clinical models.  These models, in various formats, will be translated into ADL 1.5 Archetypes based on the CIMI Reference Model (CIMI RM) and bound to Standard Terminologies & Ontologies.  The models will be thoroughly vetted to retain isosemanticity (the model meaning will be retained) and then stored in a publicly availble model repository.  An ongoing process of model dissemination, creation, and integration will be established to grow the repository.  Models may at any time be downloaded from the repository, localized, and specialized according to context sensitive user needs.  They may also be downloaded as-is for use in EHRs.  A set of translators will be built to take canonical models, or any localized/specialized models, and tranlate them into one of several common model formats.  The translators will provide a key role in future interoperability by providing model translation services between systems that have standardized on differing model formats.  The following diagram is a visual representation of the CIMI Model Development Lifecycle.

CIMI Model Development Lifecycle

Idea behind the CIMI model repository 

To be able to re-use the medical data that is entered in any Information System, it is of great importance that this medical data is produced in a consistent way. One of the possible ways to make that happen is to create a "Repository" of models and open this "Model Repository" to the world.

First "CIMI Model Repository"

In the current approach we have made a first version of the "CIMI Model Repository" availabe to make it possible for developers of Health Information Systems to already re-use models that are in line with the CIMI modeling concepts.

First draft CIMI models now available:


The CIMI Model Repository has been produced by Intermountain Healthcare.