Archetype, the original pattern or model from which all things of the same kind are copied or on which they are based; a model or first form; prototype.

AML - OMG Archetype Modeling Language

Outline - Constraint modeling and UML profiles, The AML Standard - what it is (and isn’t), AML Examples, AML Tools

Archetype Modeling Language

Presentation to SHN/CIMI Joint Working Group

  • OMG, UML, and UML Profiles
  • AML – Purpose and Goals
  • AML Submission overview
  • State of current submission
  • Questions and next steps Saturday

Archetype Modeling Language, June 2013

Status Update: Archetype Modeling Language (AML)
Partially based on ISO 11179-3 MDR

CIMI Terminology Binding

Use Cases and Requirements
Proposed Approach
Example Lab Results Bindings
Terminology Reference Sets
Archetype Object Model Support
Future Work

Archetype Modeling Language, April 2013

UML for Archetypes
Status update April 11, 2013

AML Objectives
UML Style Guide and profile for archetype modeling - Representation of ADL structures, constraints, and ontology
Define UML stereotypes, as necessary, to extend UML language - Most archetype structure already supported by UML - Primary addition: Terminology bindings (meaning and value set constraints)

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