Stan Huff

Stanley M. Huff, MD
Chief Medical Informatics Officer
Intermountain Healthcare

Healthcare Services Platform: Goals and Vision

The Ultimate Value Proposition
Interoperable sharing of: Data,  Information, Applications, Decision logic, Reports, Knowledge

HL7 Terminology Authority

Need to use existing terminologies rather than develop / maintain our own
Availability of well maintained/structured terminologies
Improve consistency and quality of terminology content in HL7 products

ADL / AOM Terminology binding

Value binding - References one or more values that may be used to populate the information model artefact
Semantic binding - Uses the terminology artefact to define the meaning of the information model artefact
Template binding - Indicates how values recorded in two or more fields may be combined to represent a composite meaning
Inter-field binding - Constrains the value of one data element based on the value of another, where at least one of these data elements is coded.

A Brief Review of CIMI Progress, Plans, and Goals, March 2014

Joint CIMI and SemanticHealthNet Meeting
Brussels, Belgium
March 13, 2014

CIMI Membership, Meetings, and Voting Rules, January 2014


The CIMI Voting Members have adopted the following rules regarding voting membership and voting in CIMI. These rules were approved by the voting membership as of May 21, 2013 and revised in September 2013. Revision of these rules will follow the voting rules described below.

CIMI Survey results

Type of organisation
What people want to do with CIMI
Top 10 deliverables
10 things least wanted
Not needed (by 5 or more people)

The Consortium

The Healthcare Services Platform Consortium

The Problem: Technology “drag” on medicine
Current State of the Industry
Transforming Healthcare Information Management
HSPC - An HCO led and vendor agnostic Healthcare Enterprise/Vendor/Venture Collaborative

A Brief Review of CIMI Plans and Goals, April 2013

Leeds CIMI Meetings April 11, 2013



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