AML - OMG Archetype Modeling Language

Outline - Constraint modeling and UML profiles, The AML Standard - what it is (and isn’t), AML Examples, AML Tools

Modeling Options

Clinical Information Modeling Initiative (CIMI)
Healthcare Services Platform Consortium (HSPC)

Model Development and Review

CIMI / FHIR / HSPC Meeting

App Development Tool

Review of Preferred Modelling Approach

IHTSDO Education & Implementation Update

Model Meaning Binding for FHIR Resources
SNOMED CT-Based ValueSet Bindings for FHIR Resources

Logical Model Collaboration

Scope, proposal, and next steps

CIMI Modelling Taskforce Example Instances

Clinical - Forms based - Data entry to add data instances - Support clinical verification - Both good and bad examples
Technical - Multiple formats (with a primary format?) - To support implementations - Transformable to other representations - Both good and bad examples

CIMI Modelling Taskforce Progress Report

Modelling Taskforce was established to:

Develop CIMI's modelling methodology
Create an initial set of CIMI clinical models
Further test and develop CIMI technical models, including: - CIMI reference model - Archetype Object Model 1.5, and CIMI terminology.

Laboratory Panels &Tests Discussions

(a.k.a. Observation Groups verses Atomic Observations)


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